The Gearbox

SADCASE GEARBOX - With ever increasing membership numbers in SADCASE it has become obvious that some sort of group is needed within the membership to help organise and run the club.

The club was started with the idea that there would be no committee to tell the members what to do and that all members would be equal. For this reason we asked for volunteers to help and was very happy to receive plenty of offers. So no committee but a SADCASE gearbox that has the correct cogs in place to run the club smoothly as it gets bigger.

Please contact the appropriate cog with any SADCASE business.


CHAIRMAN: JAMIE BROWN Chairman and Webmaster 

TOP GEAR: CLIVE CROCKETT and KEVIN JAPPE General duties and front man.

TREASURER (GEAR STICK): KEVIN JAPPE Looking after the clubs funds and bank account.

SECRETARY (OVERDRIVE): CHRISSIE BROWN Keeping club records and notes. Reminding us of gearbox meetings and  lead on the Facebook page.

RAFFLE AND FUND RAISING (4TH GEAR): KEVIN JAPPE/all members- Organising the monthly raffle.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/EVENTS (3RD GEAR): MIKE TOYNBEE Photos and press releases to all car/classic mags to keep up the SADCASE profile.

REGALIA (2ND GEAR): CHRIS SHANAHAN -Source and produce items for sale within the club. Please contact Martin with suggestions like Polo shirts, caps etc.

MEMBERSHIP (1ST GEAR): STEVE MARCH-Keeping the club membership list up to date and dealing with new membership applications.

EVENTS TEAM (REVERSE TEAM AND NEUTRAL): CHRISSIE BROWN - CO-ORDINATOR ROBERT CARTER, PAUL ADDISON, MARK BOWEN, JAMIE BROWN and KEVIN JAPPE organising the various SADCASE events throughout the year such like the yearly party, drive events and shows.